# All Rules

This plugin provides the following rules.

  • 🔧 mark means that the --fix option on the command line can automatically fix some of the problems reported by the rule.

# ES2020

There is no config which enables all rules in this category.

Rule ID Description
es/no-bigint disallow bigint syntax and built-ins.
es/no-dynamic-import disallow import() syntax.
es/no-export-ns-from disallow export * as ns.
es/no-global-this disallow the globalThis variable.
es/no-import-meta disallow import.meta meta property.
es/no-nullish-coalescing-operators disallow nullish coalescing operators.
es/no-promise-all-settled disallow Promise.allSettled function.

# ES2019

The extends: "plugin:es/no-2019" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-json-superset disallow \u2028 and \u2029 in string literals. 🔧
es/no-object-fromentries disallow the Object.fromEntries method.
es/no-optional-catch-binding disallow optional catch binding.
es/no-regexp-unicode-property-escapes-2019 disallow the new values of RegExp Unicode property escape sequences in ES2019.

# ES2018

The extends: "plugin:es/no-2018" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-async-iteration disallow async iteration.
es/no-malformed-template-literals disallow template literals with invalid escape sequences.
es/no-regexp-lookbehind-assertions disallow RegExp lookbehind assertions.
es/no-regexp-named-capture-groups disallow RegExp named capture groups.
es/no-regexp-s-flag disallow RegExp s flag.
es/no-regexp-unicode-property-escapes disallow RegExp Unicode property escape sequences.
es/no-rest-spread-properties disallow rest/spread properties.

# ES2017

The extends: "plugin:es/no-2017" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-async-functions disallow async function declarations.
es/no-atomics disallow the Atomics class.
es/no-object-entries disallow the Object.entries method.
es/no-object-getownpropertydescriptors disallow the Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors method.
es/no-object-values disallow the Object.values method.
es/no-shared-array-buffer disallow the SharedArrayBuffer class.
es/no-trailing-function-commas disallow trailing commas in parameter/argument lists. 🔧

# ES2016

The extends: "plugin:es/no-2016" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-exponential-operators disallow exponential operators.

# ES2015

The extends: "plugin:es/no-2015" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-array-from disallow the Array.from method.
es/no-array-of disallow the Array.of method.
es/no-arrow-functions disallow arrow function expressions. 🔧
es/no-binary-numeric-literals disallow binary numeric literals.
es/no-block-scoped-functions disallow block-scoped function declarations.
es/no-block-scoped-variables disallow block-scoped variable declarations.
es/no-classes disallow class declarations.
es/no-computed-properties disallow computed properties.
es/no-default-parameters disallow default parameters.
es/no-destructuring disallow destructuring.
es/no-for-of-loops disallow for-of statements.
es/no-generators disallow generator function declarations.
es/no-map disallow the Map class.
es/no-math-acosh disallow the Math.acosh method.
es/no-math-asinh disallow the Math.asinh method.
es/no-math-atanh disallow the Math.atanh method.
es/no-math-cbrt disallow the Math.cbrt method.
es/no-math-clz32 disallow the Math.clz32 method.
es/no-math-cosh disallow the Math.cosh method.
es/no-math-expm1 disallow the Math.expm1 method.
es/no-math-fround disallow the Math.fround method.
es/no-math-hypot disallow the Math.hypot method.
es/no-math-imul disallow the Math.imul method.
es/no-math-log10 disallow the Math.log10 method.
es/no-math-log1p disallow the Math.log1p method.
es/no-math-log2 disallow the Math.log2 method.
es/no-math-sign disallow the Math.sign method.
es/no-math-sinh disallow the Math.sinh method.
es/no-math-tanh disallow the Math.tanh method.
es/no-math-trunc disallow the Math.trunc method.
es/no-modules disallow modules.
es/no-new-target disallow new.target meta property.
es/no-number-epsilon disallow the Number.EPSILON property.
es/no-number-isfinite disallow the Number.isFinite method.
es/no-number-isinteger disallow the Number.isInteger method.
es/no-number-isnan disallow the Number.isNaN method.
es/no-number-issafeinteger disallow the Number.isSafeInteger method.
es/no-number-maxsafeinteger disallow the Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER property.
es/no-number-minsafeinteger disallow the Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER property.
es/no-number-parsefloat disallow the Number.parseFloat method.
es/no-number-parseint disallow the Number.parseInt method.
es/no-object-assign disallow the Object.assign method.
es/no-object-getownpropertysymbols disallow the Object.getOwnPropertySymbols method.
es/no-object-is disallow the Object.is method.
es/no-object-setprototypeof disallow the Object.setPrototypeOf method.
es/no-object-super-properties disallow super property accesses in object literals.
es/no-octal-numeric-literals disallow octal numeric literals.
es/no-promise disallow the Promise class.
es/no-property-shorthands disallow property shorthands. 🔧
es/no-proxy disallow the Proxy class.
es/no-reflect disallow the Reflect class.
es/no-regexp-u-flag disallow RegExp u flag.
es/no-regexp-y-flag disallow RegExp y flag.
es/no-rest-parameters disallow rest parameters.
es/no-set disallow the Set class.
es/no-spread-elements disallow spread elements.
es/no-string-fromcodepoint disallow the String.fromCodePoint method.
es/no-string-raw disallow the String.raw method.
es/no-subclassing-builtins disallow the subclassing of the built-in classes.
es/no-symbol disallow the Symbol class.
es/no-template-literals disallow template literals. 🔧
es/no-typed-arrays disallow ES2015 typed arrays.
es/no-unicode-codepoint-escapes disallow Unicode code point escape sequences. 🔧
es/no-weak-map disallow the WeakMap class.
es/no-weak-set disallow the WeakSet class.

# ES5

The extends: "plugin:es/no-5" config enables the following rules.

Rule ID Description
es/no-accessor-properties disallow accessor properties.
es/no-array-isarray disallow the Array.isArray method.
es/no-date-now disallow the Date.now method.
es/no-json disallow the JSON class.
es/no-keyword-properties disallow reserved words as property names.
es/no-object-defineproperties disallow the Object.defineProperties method.
es/no-object-defineproperty disallow the Object.defineProperty method.
es/no-object-freeze disallow the Object.freeze method.
es/no-object-getownpropertydescriptor disallow the Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor method.
es/no-object-getownpropertynames disallow the Object.getOwnPropertyNames method.
es/no-object-getprototypeof disallow the Object.getPrototypeOf method.
es/no-object-isextensible disallow the Object.isExtensible method.
es/no-object-isfrozen disallow the Object.isFrozen method.
es/no-object-issealed disallow the Object.isSealed method.
es/no-object-keys disallow the Object.keys method.
es/no-object-preventextensions disallow the Object.preventExtensions method.
es/no-object-seal disallow the Object.seal method.
es/no-trailing-commas disallow trailing commas in array/object literals.